William Witney Photo Gallery

The collection below is from the Witney family gallery and Aficionado Angel Gutierrez.

The latest posted photos appear at the bottom.

Republic Studios 1930's Director William Witney
william Witney
William Witney 1950's
lone ranger
Herman Brix, Bill Witney, Lynn Roberts
Young Bill Witney
jules Vern, Vincent Price, Master of the world
"Master of The World" 1961
Zorro's fighting Legion, William Witney
Don't be stubborn, the line says---
A cold and miserable day on location.
Actor takes punch
USMC 1945
Bill at 15
Bill Witney at 17
Offical USMC Photo
William Witney USMC
The Last Command, 1955
The Last Command, 1955
Filming 2nd unit "The Last Command"
Audie Murphy
Production Studio humor
Bill Witney "Home in Oklahoma"
Dog show Judge William Witney
Bill Witney Wins
The Phantom Empire 1935
Location scouting, Big Bear Lake, CA
Eddy White, Roy Rogers, William Witney
Roy Roger celebrates
big bear lake, king of the mounties
Location scouting, Big Bear Lake, CA for KING OF THE MOUNTIES
Filming 2nd unit "The Last Command"
USS Cape Gloucester
Lt. Witney with his combat camera crew
perils of nyoka
On the set of "Perils of Nyoka" 1942
dick tracy's
ON the set of "Dick Tracy's G Men" June/July1938
twilight in the sierras
Roy Rogers celibrates 12 years at Republic
William Witney actor, William Witney, Quell and Co.
William Witney as actor
Roy Rogers, Dusty rogers, under California stars, William Witney
On the set of "UNDER CALIFORNIA STARS" Oct 1947
william witney, jack english, hiram brown republic pictures, mysterious doctor satan
Serial 'MYSTERIOUS DOCTOR SATAN' Production Meeting 1940
lynn roberts, william witney, herman bix
Lynn Roberts, Dir. William Witney & Herman Brix the Lone Ranger
Young Bill Witney 1929 at 14 years old
spy smacher, william witney, 1942, republic pictures
Coronado Football 1932
Coronado High School Football 1932-33
The Witney Bar on a Sunday afternoon
ray taylor, william witney , robinson crusoe of clipper island
Republic pictures, william witney
A more serious side of Film Making 1938
william witney, herman Brix , angle gutierrez, hawk of the wilderness
'Hawk of the Wilderness' 1938
Republic pictures, william witney
Republic Old-Timers reunion 1973
william witney, lone ranger, Yakima Canutt
Filiming in Lone Pine Calif. Lone Ranger serial 1938
headline hunters, rod cameron, william witney
Republic Picture 'Headline Hunters' 1955
Dusty Rogers, Roy Rogers, William Witney
From L to R Dusty Rogers, Roy Rogers, William Witney
From Serial 'SPY SMACHER'
William Witney on location somewhere cold
north of the great divide, roy rogers,wiliam witn
Taking a break while filming 'NORTH OF THE GREAT DIVIDE'
Trail of Robin Hood, william witney,roy rogers, truecolor
Filming TRAIL OF ROBIN HOOD, a Republic Trurecolor pic. June 1950
Lone Pine film festival
Lone Pine Film Festival 1992
william witney, Maxine Doyle, King of the Mounties 1942
Group pic, Cast & Crew 'KING OF THE MOUNTIES ' 1942
Jack english, william witney, the fighting devil dogs, 1938
On location
Dick Tracy, william witney, jack English, republic studios.
1938 Dick Tracy's G-MEN cast and crew.
Roy Rogers, Republic, on the old spanish trail, 1947
On the set of: 'ON THE OLD SPANISH TRAIL 1947'
Maxine Doyle, William Witney
Maxine Doyle and William Witney
William Witney, USS Cape Gloucester
USMC Lt Witney, standing
The lone ranger, lone ranger, herman bix, lynn roberts
Bill Witney (rt) directing the Lone Ranger serial 1938
William Witney on set
william witney,witney,william nobles, adventures of captain marvel
On the set Of 'The Adventures of captain Marvel' 1940
william witney, roy rogers, golden stallion
On set of the Golden Stallion 1950
santa fe passage, st george utah. republic pictures, williamwitney.com
Shooting Santa Fe Passage 1955
border Saddlemates, republic pictures, rex allen, slim pickens
Bill Witney standing(L) top of a camera car BORDER SADDLEMATES
BELLS OF CORONADO,william witney,roy rogers,dale evans,republic studios
Bells Of Coronado, 1950
william witney, roy rogers, rex allen, pat brady
On the set of DOWN DAKOTA WAY 1949
william witney, bells of san angelo,valley of fire nevada
William Witney 1947
william witney,bells of san angelo,valley of fire nevada
William Witney 1947
william witney,usmc,training films
William Witney with his USMC crew 1945
republic studios, william witney,stranger at mey door, 1956, slim pickens,studio city,
Filming on back lot of Republic Studios…STRANGER AT MY DOOR 1956
william witney,cheryl rogers, cheryal rogers barnett, trail of robin hood, 1950, republic studios
Bill Witney & Cheryal Rogers TRAIL OF ROBIN HOOD 1950
William Witney
William Witney in High School
tommy carr, william witney, 1989 knoxville film festival
Directors Tommy Carr & William Witney
william witney,harold smith,tom steele,knoxville film festival
Bill Witney, Harlod Smith, Tom Steele
Jim Schoenberger,Walter Reed, William Witney
William Witney with Loren Janes
william witney, bonanza, moviemaking
William Witney on the set of Bonanza
This is a “cold” location setup for 'A Strange Adventure'
Stuntman David Sharp & Director William Witney at Hustoncon 1973
Stuntman David Sharp & Director William Witney at Hustoncon 1973
heart of the Rockies, William Witney Roy Rogers,1951
Heart of the Rockies 1951