Maxine Doyle's Autographed Picture Collection

The collection below comes from the Witney family gallery of autographed pictures collected by Maxine Doyle during her career - from appearing at the Earle Theater in Washington D.C., to traveling with Fanchon & Marco and working on various motion pictures.

This page is being updated on an ongoing basis. We have many more pictures to come

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Olsen & Johnson
Jimmie Fidler
paul kelly
Guy Kibbee,
william powell, maxine doyle
Joe Penner, Maxine doyle
Fred Waring,Maxine doyle
Martha Raye, maxine doyle
Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians, maxine doyle
Nils Asther, maxine doyle
James Ford, maxine doyle
bert Lytell, maxine doyle
actor alexander gray, maxine doyle
Fred Waring,Maxine doyle
Fritz Lieber Jr. maxine doyle
Richard Bartheimess, maxine doyle
Will Mahoney, maxine doyle
Horace Heidt, Maxine doyle
Norman Foster, maxine doyle
eddie pardo
Nayan Pearce
frank richardson
jack mulhall, jack mulhall autograph picture
cliff edwards, maxine doyle aoutgraph gallery
Charlie murray, charles murray, wizard of oz,
bill dooley,maxine doyle aotograph collection
primrose semon, maxine doyle autograph collection
wally vernon, maxine doyle autograph collection
Irene ware, miss america 1936, maxine doyle autograph collection
Nellie Kelley, maxine Doyle autograph collection
newton hall, maxine doyle autograph collection
marty May, jean carroll, maxine doyle autograph collection
Charlie Muray, Maxine Doyle autograph collection.
raymond ramey, maxinedoyle autograph collection
Morton dowing, maxine doyle autograph collection,
Little Lorraine, Maxine Doyle autograph collection